Change a life for eternity - help send a kid to camp!

Are you the friend or family of a Young Life Student or Leader in Wilsonville?

If so, you probably know how important it is to them to have kids go to camp with Young Life!  We would like to ask you to join them in getting kids to camp this summer.   While some families can write a check on the spot, many of our kids struggle to come up with the $100 deposit, let alone the full amount.
We are committed to creating the opportunity for EVERY KID, regardless of their financial situation, to have access to learning about Christ's love for them.  That includes access to Young LIfe camp.  Kids work hard to pay their portion of camp costs.  We provide options for them to fundraise all or part of their costs giving them a significant investment into their camp experience.
Will you join us in making camp possible for kids this summer with Young Life Wilsonville?

What is campership?   Scholarship funds used for camp. These funds will be credited to campers accounts once they have participated in work/fundraiser opportunities before summer camp helping make camp more affordable to everyone and therefore enabling us to get more kids to summer camp…The best week of their lives! 

Is campership for both high school and middle school campers? YES! This is for YoungLife high school and WyldLife for middle school kids

How much of funds donated to campership actually go to our Wilsonville campers? 100%  Every penny of donations designated for campership go directly to Wilsonville Young Life/WyldLife campers.


Suggested Payment Plan: (stay tuned for other fundraising opportunities & incentives)

$100 Deposit December 8th

$50/$30 Online Health Form credit for Malibu/Creekside prior Feb 1st (while funds last)

March- make a $250 payment

April, May, June Fundraisers (participate as much as you’d like or need)

June- Pay remaining balance

Fundraising Opportunities:

Al’s Flower Baskets.    Car Wash Pledges     Yard Work Projects

  April 1- May 9th        June 15th            On-going…    


Young Life Wilsonville | PO Box 39 Wilsonville, OR 97070-0039

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