2017 Campers at Malibu camp in BC, Canada.

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Donors are vital to Young Life at the local area and regional levels. Because Young Life areas are financially supported solely at the local level, donors’ financial gifts account for all of an area's budget and part of a region's budget. Your donation helps areas hire, train staff, provide essential administrative, operating expenses, salaries and can help send kids to Young Life camps.

We believe that in order to reach kids we must go where they go and enter their world. Every week, in our local area, Young Life staff and volunteers can be found at school events, practices and at kids' favorite hangouts. In many cases, they are the only adult friends kids have in their lives.  We are grateful for your gift to Young Life. 

 The rest of Averie's story...

...God has given me an exceptional life that I will never take to granted, and it’s all due to a monday night at 7:27pm.

Junior year has crept up on me so quickly that I can’t believe how far I’ve come. The Lord has blessed me with the gift to love others around me and feed positive energy into those around me. I was inspired by my Young Life leaders, Janelle and Jayme, to take a big step in my faith and become a leader for the 6th graders for Wyldlife in Wilsonville. The Lord is constantly pushing me to do my best and without the help of my leaders/mentors/best friends, I wouldn’t be in the place I am today. As I push through the troubles of life and high school, Young Life has always been there for me and everyone I meet is always inspiring me to be the best person I can be through the Lord and his grace.

Averie Ostlund

Story from Andrew Fairrington (WHS grad, YL leader, GFU student),

      I was first introduced to YoungLife when asked to be a student leader my senior year of high school and shortly after that was asked to lead middle schoolers in Wyldlife. Since that time I’ve had the privilege of being a part of YoungLife through many different ways. Whether by leading the last three years, serving on Work Crew, taking students to camp, or serving on staff at Washington Family Ranch. Many of my fondest memories and deepest friendships have been formed through YoungLife. As someone who has worked behind the scenes in this ministry I can personally attest to the incredible heart and standard of excellence at which YoungLife operates. As a person YoungLife has challenged me, strengthened me, made me uncomfortable, and is one of the greatest sources of Joy in all my life.

      This is a ministry where everything matters; every young person matters and deserves to hear about Jesus and his incredible love for them. At camp every table is set perfectly, every game points towards the Gospel, and every young person will come face to face with the God who made them and loves them enough to go to the cross. Whether they choose to accept his love and follow him or not, they will be loved. To me, that’s really what YoungLife is all about; showing each young person that they have incredible value, that they are loved beyond what they can even comprehend, and that they are being invited into an intimate relationship with the God of the universe who delights in them as His children.

Story from Sierra Bishop (Current WHS student, WL student leader, past WL student),
     The invitation I got from my friend Taylor to go to wyldlife with her when I was in 6th grade has changed my life. I don't know if she realized her invitation to a room full of crazy students and crazier leaders would lead me to something so powerful. This invitation was just the beginning and I have been able to do some amazing things by God's grace which I came to know with the leaders that came into my life and showed me love.
I accepted God into my life when i was in 6th grade because I knew I wanted to be set apart. I got baptized when I was in 8th grade and was more stoked than ever to go into that last year of middle school with God by my side. Then, I entered high school. It was really hard to find time to go to club or youth group but my leaders were so diligent about checking up on me and spending time with me I still felt Gods presence and love. Because of their great impact on me, sophomore year I became a leader for the 7th grade girls at my church. This opened my eyes to how discouraging, at times, yet how rewarding being a leader for students really is. I've just entered the second year as being a leader and my relationship with God, I feel, is better than ever. I want my heart to align with His and I want to be living counter culturally by showing love to the girls I have the privilege of walking with as well as my peers and being a light when the hallways of my school seem dim.


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