​​In WyldLife, we love middle school kids!
WyldLife Leaders
WyldLife leaders include high school students who are strong in their faith, college students, young adults, moms, dads, you name it.  We believe that the mix of leaders on a WyldLife team offers our middle school friends an incredible picture of a life with Christ whether that is following the footsteps of a high school student that is just a few years older than they are or hearing the wisdom that comes from decades of life. Likewise, we find serving on a WyldLife team to be an invaluable asset and experience for a high school student who is working to build and solidify their faith.  Because of that, we view our WyldLife ministry as an integral part of our ministry and discipleship to high school and college students as well.

WyldLife Club
WyldLife Club is high energy, interactive, fast-paced, and unpredictable.  Club is a chance to gather a large group together for songs, skits, games, that all lead up to a simple and clear Gospel message. Leaders use personal testimonies, popular music, and a lot of creativity so no WyldLife Club is quite the same.  As with anything in Young Life, WyldLife is open to anyone and everyone.

WyldLife Camp
WyldLife camps are built for middle school kids. While they are the same in principle and excellence as our high school camp opportunities, the specifics and schedule of WyldLife camping takes on a different form since early adolescents are at different places developmentally. From the talks each night to the pace of the day’s activities, Christ is proclaimed through relationships and programs in a way that connects to the heart of these kids.

Parental Involvement
Parents and adults play a more pominent role in the lives of middle school kids's lives and decisions than that will with high school students.  WyldLife Team Moms and Dads come alongside our other volunteer leaders to shepherd and promote the ministry with other adults in the community.  Friends of WyldLife may serve to encourage our volunteer leaders, act as grade-level representatives among their peers, or simply drive a car load of kids to an event. WyldLife is simply not possible without involved parents praying for kids and supporting the ministry at every level.​​


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